An Insight Into The Great Lake Ghosts


Great Lakes of North America is one of the very famous water bodies present in the world. In fact, it is a place that will be affected badly due to severe seasonal storms that will break the ships that sail through during this wrong season. This place is also known to be the witch of November as it has claimed numerous life and ship wreckage due to bad weather. In fact, the accident that occurred in the year 1975 is worth a mention. There are many unique stories stated by sailors about this lake. Even some of them state it is possible to see some ghostly ships in the place. The oldest ship that is said to be lost in this place is Griffon in the year 1678. This ship vanished in a mysterious way in its maiden trip itself, and this was carrying furs for trade. The divers have found some of its parts recently after these many years.

They have also noted many other ships remains that state the danger hidden in the place even remains of the famous giant ship Edmund Fitzgerald, which was 729 foot was found here. The waters of this place will be very cold, and the temperature will be enough to preserve the human remains inside the water itself. In fact, some of such stored remains act as a very bad experience to many divers who are not aware of this fact. In fact, SS Kamloops that sank in the year 1927 has a sailor’s body preserved till now, and this can be seen by many divers and sailors and he is known as grandpa. As a matter of fact, this grandpa story is very famous in the sea. Hence, it will be better not to disturb the wreck of this place.

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