Caffeine: Giving Ghost Hunters an Edge Over Ghosts


Ghost hunters investigate places where there are purportedly ghosts. They attempt to prove the existence of ghosts by collecting evidence that indicate paranormal activity. This evidence is collected via various electronic equipment including electromagnetic field meter, digital thermometer, handheld and static digital video cameras like infrared and night vision cameras, digital audio recorders, and computers.

Ghost hunting, like any kind of surveillance job, requires a lot of down time and waiting for anything of interest to happen. When the surveillance equipment indicate any kind of paranormal activity, ghost hunters must be ready and alert to decipher the readings. Failure to identify activity and properly react to it translates into a missed golden opportunity.

Ghost hunting usually occurs during the night, when ghosts are most active. Those who hunt ghosts usually spend the early evening setting up their equipment, then wait until nightfall to begin their quest to record paranormal activity through the use of their special electronic equipment. Sessions last all night until sunrise, when paranormal activity fades until the following night.

Like any night shift worker, ghost hunters face issues with staying alert during work hours. Consuming caffeine may help with keeping ghost hunters awake and aware, enhancing their work performance. Caffeine boosts attention span and reduces the risk of errors on-the-job. A meta-analysis of several studies show a high correlation between improved cognitive performance in the forms of reasoning, memory, orientation, attention, and perception. When comparing caffeine and a nap, research participants who consumed caffeine made significantly less work errors than those who napped. It’s a good idea to invest in one of the best coffee makers by reading some reviews first.

If you’re considering a long ghost hunting session, make sure to bring along some caffeine so you don’t miss out on catching any ghosts in action.

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