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Are Ghosts Often Spotted in the Garden?

Are ghosts often spotted in the garden? You might think that someone is joking with you if they ask you this question, especially if you have a tendency to lean toward being more skeptical when it comes to anything about … Continue reading

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Methods To Remove Unwanted Spirits

No one will like uninvited guests in their house especially the bad eggs like evil spirits. Here are some methods that will be very handy in order to escape from such problems. First and the foremost method will be the … Continue reading

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An Insight Into The Great Lake Ghosts

Great Lakes of North America is one of the very famous water bodies present in the world. In fact, it is a place that will be affected badly due to severe seasonal storms that will break the ships that sail … Continue reading

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Get To Know The American Ghost Towns

There are numerous ghost towns in America that is known for their strange and fearful haunting incidents. Some of such towns are listed here. Goldfield, Nevada is popular for its deserts, and plains that offer nothing but cold nights and … Continue reading

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The Greenbrier Ghost Story

Zona, 23-year girl, died mysteriously on 23 January 1897at her home situated at Greenbrier. When the doctor arrived to check her status, her husband had moved her to the bed from downstairs and dressed her. The reason for her death … Continue reading

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The Sallie House Secret

There are numerous haunted house stories around the world, and the Sallie house story is a prominent one among such stories. In fact, there will be some people who will not believe in such story. Even they cannot deny this … Continue reading

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Mysteries Related To Shadow People

There will be many people who state stories related to strange shadow like figures and here is a try to solve this strange shadow people mystery. This type of experience will be felt especially when a person is alone. He … Continue reading

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Vampires Of Guadalajara

Maria was a very bubbly girl who lived in Guadalajara of Mexico. Like the other kids, she has also visited every nook and corner of the place where she lives. But the place that fascinated her very much was the … Continue reading

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