Get To Know The American Ghost Towns


There are numerous ghost towns in America that is known for their strange and fearful haunting incidents. Some of such towns are listed here. Goldfield, Nevada is popular for its deserts, and plains that offer nothing but cold nights and string sand storms. A lady was left chained to the radiator leaving to die so that she will be silenced forever. This happened in the year 1920 in Goldfield. The worst part of all is she was a pregnant prostitute, and she is hovering in the desert from the day of her death. A woman stated that she had seen a glowing man with hat walking in a four story building recently. This place is about 184 miles away from Las Vegas. Skidoo in California is another place that is known for its haunting story related to Hooch the man who was hanged twice for his crimes.

Vulture mine city of Arizona is another place that has a haunting story. In earlier days, this place was very famous for the mining work and also the punishments for crimes were very severe. In fact the there is a tree where 18 miners were hanged to death for stealing iron ore. A full-time resident of this place has stated that he has viewed many unidentified structures hovering in the streets at night knocking off all the materials that are found on its way. Bodie is a haunted city that is known for its ghost stories. It is believed that any element that is taken from this place it might be a bottle or broken clock brings bad luck to the person. Many people who have tried this are returning the articles with stories of heat breaks, severe illness and in worst cases death.

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