Haunted Places Around The World


Myrtles Plantation is believed to be one of the top places in the haunted regions. It is told that this place is haunted with numerous restless ghosts. Some researchers have stated that around ten murders have been committed in this place making it worse. It is believed that Cleo a former slave had murdered two children in this place and the children’s ghost can be seen playing in the veranda. William Drew Winter was murdered by a stranger in this house and with his body bleeding after being shot he tried to climb the stairs to second floor. But he failed as he died at his 17th step, and it is told that the dying footsteps are heard in the house even today. The slaves who lived in the place occasionally show up to ask whether there are any house chores to be done. More frightening information is the piano in the house often plays a repeated note by itself.

The tower of England is another haunted place that is famous for many unexplained incidents. This is said be a haunted place as it has a cruel history of severe tortures, strange murder and numerous executions in the past 1000 years. In fact, dozens of people have reported numerous ghost sightings in and around the tower for many years. There is a famous ghost sighting in the tower and she is Ann Boleyn, who is one among the wives of Henry VIII, who was beheaded in the spot in the year 1536. Many state sighting her carrying her head in the tower. Eastern State Penitentiary is another spot that is famous for its ghost sightings especially after it was opened to the public for touring. Many people state they sighted a shadow near the guard tower and also many such figures are found in various cells of the place and when they are approached, they disappear.

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