Methods To Remove Unwanted Spirits

Unwanted Spirits

No one will like uninvited guests in their house especially the bad eggs like evil spirits. Here are some methods that will be very handy in order to escape from such problems. First and the foremost method will be the smudging. This is an American technique that is being followed for many years. Here a particular type of herb will be burned so that the negative energy wards off and the place starts to fill up with a positive feel. In fact, this type of burning herbs can be found in numerous medical and religious practices, as they will be providing a positive effect. It is a very simple method as a smudge stick, and the flame will be enough to complete the process. The smoke from the sticks will be very effective, and the smudging can be done for the person himself. Some of the herbs that are normally used in the process are listed below.

First comes the mugwort that is known to clean the negative energy and stimulates psychic awareness. Sage will be very useful in order to drive the bad force, feeling, and spirits. Lavender is another herb that will be handy in bringing back the right balance in life by bringing back the love and peace in the place. Sweet grass is another herb that is famous for bringing in many good spirits into the house. This will have a very good effect if the work is accompanied with sincere prayer. Amber can be burnt ob charcoal as it is a sweet resin, and this will be useful in order to remove the painful and fearful energy. In some places, it will be mixed with oil that is used for body massage or used as perfume. Cedar is another herb that will be used in order to improve the healing and positive feel in the place.

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