Haunted Places Around The World


Myrtles Plantation is believed to be one of the top places in the haunted regions. It is told that this place is haunted with numerous restless ghosts. Some researchers have stated that around ten murders have been committed in this place making it worse. It is believed that Cleo a former slave had murdered two children in this place and the children’s ghost can be seen playing in the veranda. William Drew Winter was murdered by a stranger in this house and with his body bleeding after being shot he tried to climb the stairs to second floor. But he failed as he died at his 17th step, and it is told that the dying footsteps are heard in the house even today. The slaves who lived in the place occasionally show up to ask whether there are any house chores to be done. More frightening information is the piano in the house often plays a repeated note by itself.

The tower of England is another haunted place that is famous for many unexplained incidents. This is said be a haunted place as it has a cruel history of severe tortures, strange murder and numerous executions in the past 1000 years. In fact, dozens of people have reported numerous ghost sightings in and around the tower for many years. There is a famous ghost sighting in the tower and she is Ann Boleyn, who is one among the wives of Henry VIII, who was beheaded in the spot in the year 1536. Many state sighting her carrying her head in the tower. Eastern State Penitentiary is another spot that is famous for its ghost sightings especially after it was opened to the public for touring. Many people state they sighted a shadow near the guard tower and also many such figures are found in various cells of the place and when they are approached, they disappear.

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The True Story Of Conjuring


Everyone might be very familiar about the famous thriller movie Conjuring which was based on a real-life incident. Here are some details about the incident. This incident occurred in December 1970 in Rhode Island. Carolyn Perron decided to buy a farm house in Rhode Island as it would be a very good spot for her five kids to grow up. But she did have a slightest idea that her dream will become a nightmare. The house that was bought was about two centuries old, and there were about eight generations of people who lived and died in the spot. It is believed that some of their spirits still linger around in this house. The previous owner of the house John Arnold’s his wife hanged at the age of 93 due to severe stress and failure in life. It is told that she was very beautiful women but lost all her kids before the age of 4.

Many even thought that she was a witch who sacrificed her kids in order to attain eternal beauty. Though she was filed with a legal case due to doubt in a child’s death who was under her car but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. She finally died in the year 1885. After Perron had bought his house, she was able to sense many paranormal activities in the house from day one. Three girls saw an old couple packing from the house but the parents did not see them and this was the first incident in the house and slowly everyone got different experiences and one of the kids even developed friendship with the spirit named Manny. The house was a mix of both friendly and evil spirits, but the family was unable to move from the house for ten years due to their weak financial condition.

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Methods To Remove Unwanted Spirits

Unwanted Spirits

No one will like uninvited guests in their house especially the bad eggs like evil spirits. Here are some methods that will be very handy in order to escape from such problems. First and the foremost method will be the smudging. This is an American technique that is being followed for many years. Here a particular type of herb will be burned so that the negative energy wards off and the place starts to fill up with a positive feel. In fact, this type of burning herbs can be found in numerous medical and religious practices, as they will be providing a positive effect. It is a very simple method as a smudge stick, and the flame will be enough to complete the process. The smoke from the sticks will be very effective, and the smudging can be done for the person himself. Some of the herbs that are normally used in the process are listed below.

First comes the mugwort that is known to clean the negative energy and stimulates psychic awareness. Sage will be very useful in order to drive the bad force, feeling, and spirits. Lavender is another herb that will be handy in bringing back the right balance in life by bringing back the love and peace in the place. Sweet grass is another herb that is famous for bringing in many good spirits into the house. This will have a very good effect if the work is accompanied with sincere prayer. Amber can be burnt ob charcoal as it is a sweet resin, and this will be useful in order to remove the painful and fearful energy. In some places, it will be mixed with oil that is used for body massage or used as perfume. Cedar is another herb that will be used in order to improve the healing and positive feel in the place.

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An Insight Into The Great Lake Ghosts


Great Lakes of North America is one of the very famous water bodies present in the world. In fact, it is a place that will be affected badly due to severe seasonal storms that will break the ships that sail through during this wrong season. This place is also known to be the witch of November as it has claimed numerous life and ship wreckage due to bad weather. In fact, the accident that occurred in the year 1975 is worth a mention. There are many unique stories stated by sailors about this lake. Even some of them state it is possible to see some ghostly ships in the place. The oldest ship that is said to be lost in this place is Griffon in the year 1678. This ship vanished in a mysterious way in its maiden trip itself, and this was carrying furs for trade. The divers have found some of its parts recently after these many years.

They have also noted many other ships remains that state the danger hidden in the place even remains of the famous giant ship Edmund Fitzgerald, which was 729 foot was found here. The waters of this place will be very cold, and the temperature will be enough to preserve the human remains inside the water itself. In fact, some of such stored remains act as a very bad experience to many divers who are not aware of this fact. In fact, SS Kamloops that sank in the year 1927 has a sailor’s body preserved till now, and this can be seen by many divers and sailors and he is known as grandpa. As a matter of fact, this grandpa story is very famous in the sea. Hence, it will be better not to disturb the wreck of this place.

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Get To Know The American Ghost Towns


There are numerous ghost towns in America that is known for their strange and fearful haunting incidents. Some of such towns are listed here. Goldfield, Nevada is popular for its deserts, and plains that offer nothing but cold nights and string sand storms. A lady was left chained to the radiator leaving to die so that she will be silenced forever. This happened in the year 1920 in Goldfield. The worst part of all is she was a pregnant prostitute, and she is hovering in the desert from the day of her death. A woman stated that she had seen a glowing man with hat walking in a four story building recently. This place is about 184 miles away from Las Vegas. Skidoo in California is another place that is known for its haunting story related to Hooch the man who was hanged twice for his crimes.

Vulture mine city of Arizona is another place that has a haunting story. In earlier days, this place was very famous for the mining work and also the punishments for crimes were very severe. In fact the there is a tree where 18 miners were hanged to death for stealing iron ore. A full-time resident of this place has stated that he has viewed many unidentified structures hovering in the streets at night knocking off all the materials that are found on its way. Bodie is a haunted city that is known for its ghost stories. It is believed that any element that is taken from this place it might be a bottle or broken clock brings bad luck to the person. Many people who have tried this are returning the articles with stories of heat breaks, severe illness and in worst cases death.

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The Greenbrier Ghost Story


Zona, 23-year girl, died mysteriously on 23 January 1897at her home situated at Greenbrier. When the doctor arrived to check her status, her husband had moved her to the bed from downstairs and dressed her. The reason for her death was stated as heart failure, and no one had any doubts in this case for few days. After a few week of Zona’s death her mother, Mary requested her prosecutor to reexamine her daughter’s body. She also added that she is asking for this work to be done after frequent visits by her daughter’s ghost. She also added that her abusive husband strangled her daughter to death by breaking her neck. Her daughter’s ghost has been visiting her for a course of four consecutive days. When the autopsy was done, it was proved that the neck of Zona was broken, and her husband was taken into custody.

During the trial, the evidence and story told by Mary was undeniable, and this led to a life sentence for Trout, who was hanged after three years in prison. This is believed to be one of the unique ghost stories told in the world, and this is a case that was solved with the help of a ghost. It is told that the couple had a love marriage that was opposed by the girl’s mother as she suspected him from the start about his intentions. A small boy was the first person who saw Zona dead lying under the staircase with her eyes starting wide open, and one had by her side and another was placed on her stomach. Usually the ladies, will wash the corpse and dress it but as a contradictory the man himself took charge of all these works and made sure her neck was covered with a stiff collared neck dress and face was covered with a veil.

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The Sallie House Secret


There are numerous haunted house stories around the world, and the Sallie house story is a prominent one among such stories. In fact, there will be some people who will not believe in such story. Even they cannot deny this story. In fact, this is a house that can be found in many television documentaries. This house got this name because the little girl haunting this place is named as Sallie. It is believed that the girl will be warning the people who want to live in this house about the evil spirits lingering in the place. Apart from the owners of the house, the people who pass through the house have also sighted a little girl standing in the spot. This house was built in the year 1867. In earlier days, there was no troubles but as years passed on the notorious activities of Sallie started to spread as no tenant was able to stay in the house for a long time.

Apart from appearing in front of the eyes, the ghost started to injure the people living in the house making their life difficult. When the paranormal data was collected, some of the investigators also were attacked, and they got some burns and cuts. The data collected had various animal sounds, unexpected movements of furniture, human voices, unidentified items, strange smells and even full-bodied apparitions. Many famous channels and filmmakers have made investigations in this house in order to know the secret of this house but have not succeeded completely. They used numerous digital instruments for this purpose, and some of them include the following infrared video cameras, radiation meters, electromagnetic measuring devices, digital voice recorders, and microphones. After the investigation, some have stated that there is a possibility for demonic entities in the place.

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Mysteries Related To Shadow People

There will be many people who state stories related to strange shadow like figures and here is a try to solve this strange shadow people mystery. This type of experience will be felt especially when a person is alone. He might have a feel that a person is crossing him, but eventually he will end up finding no one in the spot. Many will think it is their height of imagination but as a matter of fact there is a possibility that it can be an apparition that is commonly known to be a shadow man. This is a phenomenon that is discussed more in recent days. To be precise, many researchers have stated that this is a vision that is seen mostly by the corner of the eye. But now-a-days many people state that they have even eyes in this structure, and the eyes are told to be red in color.

These mysterious creatures are the hot topic in most of the paranormal discussion forums, websites, and chat rooms. Many people have revealed that this is a height of imagination that is created by the mind. They convince that these are illusions caused by the mind. Some others state that they are a form of spirits or ghosts that try to communicate with the people. It is also stated that as these creates are very dark their features are not very clear. Another view given by the people regarding the shadow man is that they are time travelers or creatures from other world. It is believed that they are time travelers pass through the time they appear before the eyes just for few seconds which is misunderstood by many people as ghosts or spirits. Some even state that they are inter-dimensional beings that have not been proved that they exist.

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Vampires Of Guadalajara

Maria was a very bubbly girl who lived in Guadalajara of Mexico. Like the other kids, she has also visited every nook and corner of the place where she lives. But the place that fascinated her very much was the cemetery that was near to her house. This cemetery is known for the spirits that wander in the place. When she was two years old, she went to the place on the day of dead and on that day, there will be puppet shows and other acts. The vampire ghost story was told in the place, and this is about the Guadalajara vampire that was wandering in the 19th century in the place. In the story, the vampire will be killing the newborn child and livestock by draining their blood. Finally, it was caught and killed by the men who were guarding during the dark hours.

When the creature was buried its heart was pierced with a crude wood that broke out from the grave to grow as a big tree. The story ended with a note that the El Vampiro will raise from the grave and even when a branch of the tree is cut a supernatural blood will ooze out from the place. This fascinated Maria and out of curiosity she went to the El Vampiro grave at night without the knowledge of her parents when she was 11 years old to inspect. Suddenly she felt someone grabbing her leg and out of fear she screamed and left the place running and after reaching the house she felt that there was a cut in her head and was severely bleeding. From the day on she was followed by El Vampiro for her blood every night until a proper prayer was done, and the El Vampiro was banished.

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