Signs & Symptoms of Haunting


Most people will be paranoid about ghosts and its activities. Here are some signs and symptoms that will prove the existence of ghosts in the place. A mild psychokinetic occurrence is a common symptom shared by many people, which is nothing but sounds of doors and windows opening or closing automatically even though there is no one in the place. Even the light or fans will get on or off automatically. Even the person might feel a touch in any part of the body.

The person can hear unwanted noise or sudden crying or laughing. In fact, it will be a very terrifying experience that cannot be ignored easily. Even in some cases, the person can hear someone calling his/her name. Music from unknown sources will also be heard. In some places, there will be a sudden variation in temperature. Usually, the place might become very cold, and it will be an undeniable proof for the presence of a ghost in the place.

A rise of temperature is also a symptom, but it will be in very rare cases. Odd smell without any proper source in the spot is also a sign that confirm the presence of evil spirits in the place. Normally the smell of rotten egg will be the sign of poltergeist haunting. Occurrences of the shadow without source are also a factor that will prove the presence of spirits in the place.

Physical assaults are another frightening symptom that is very disturbing. Normally a person might feel a sudden push, slap in the face or scratches. In some cases, one can see a sudden movement of objects like furniture or toys. Even the kitchen vessels will be trembling. The person living in the place might have some illness that does not have any relief from continuous medications.

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