The Greenbrier Ghost Story


Zona, 23-year girl, died mysteriously on 23 January 1897at her home situated at Greenbrier. When the doctor arrived to check her status, her husband had moved her to the bed from downstairs and dressed her. The reason for her death was stated as heart failure, and no one had any doubts in this case for few days. After a few week of Zona’s death her mother, Mary requested her prosecutor to reexamine her daughter’s body. She also added that she is asking for this work to be done after frequent visits by her daughter’s ghost. She also added that her abusive husband strangled her daughter to death by breaking her neck. Her daughter’s ghost has been visiting her for a course of four consecutive days. When the autopsy was done, it was proved that the neck of Zona was broken, and her husband was taken into custody.

During the trial, the evidence and story told by Mary was undeniable, and this led to a life sentence for Trout, who was hanged after three years in prison. This is believed to be one of the unique ghost stories told in the world, and this is a case that was solved with the help of a ghost. It is told that the couple had a love marriage that was opposed by the girl’s mother as she suspected him from the start about his intentions. A small boy was the first person who saw Zona dead lying under the staircase with her eyes starting wide open, and one had by her side and another was placed on her stomach. Usually the ladies, will wash the corpse and dress it but as a contradictory the man himself took charge of all these works and made sure her neck was covered with a stiff collared neck dress and face was covered with a veil.

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