The Sallie House Secret


There are numerous haunted house stories around the world, and the Sallie house story is a prominent one among such stories. In fact, there will be some people who will not believe in such story. Even they cannot deny this story. In fact, this is a house that can be found in many television documentaries. This house got this name because the little girl haunting this place is named as Sallie. It is believed that the girl will be warning the people who want to live in this house about the evil spirits lingering in the place. Apart from the owners of the house, the people who pass through the house have also sighted a little girl standing in the spot. This house was built in the year 1867. In earlier days, there was no troubles but as years passed on the notorious activities of Sallie started to spread as no tenant was able to stay in the house for a long time.

Apart from appearing in front of the eyes, the ghost started to injure the people living in the house making their life difficult. When the paranormal data was collected, some of the investigators also were attacked, and they got some burns and cuts. The data collected had various animal sounds, unexpected movements of furniture, human voices, unidentified items, strange smells and even full-bodied apparitions. Many famous channels and filmmakers have made investigations in this house in order to know the secret of this house but have not succeeded completely. They used numerous digital instruments for this purpose, and some of them include the following infrared video cameras, radiation meters, electromagnetic measuring devices, digital voice recorders, and microphones. After the investigation, some have stated that there is a possibility for demonic entities in the place.

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