Types of Haunting


Haunting is s feel that will not be liked by anyone, and here are some types of haunting. The first type is the residual haunting. This is said to be a very common type of haunting that occurs especially after tragic incidents like murder or rape that lead to death. It is believed that the negative energy due to the incident will be left behind in the place. In fact when a person comes to know about the happening in the place and stays there automatically the incident will be playing in his mind repeatedly. Next is the intelligent haunting. Many people might have heard of or experienced this type of haunting. In fact, it will be a very frightening experience as the spirit will try to communicate with the person and convey some message. In this type, the ghost might request the person to help.


Common symptoms in this type of haunting will be the person might be able to hear voices or see an apparition. In an apparition, the person might see the dress worn when the person was alive or the last dress with which the dead body was buried. Normally the ghosts will be friendly in this type of haunting. An opposite type of haunting is the poltergeist haunting where the ghost will be malevolent. In this type, the objects near a person might move, shrieks, vile smell, and loud noise will be the symptoms. Even the electronic instruments and pet animals in the house might be disturbed causing unnecessary trouble. In some cases, there might be some brutal attacks, that might last for few seconds or sometimes years. Demonic activity is another type that will have no human form, and their aim will be severe destruction and chaos that cause severe stress and death.

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