Vampires Of Guadalajara

Maria was a very bubbly girl who lived in Guadalajara of Mexico. Like the other kids, she has also visited every nook and corner of the place where she lives. But the place that fascinated her very much was the cemetery that was near to her house. This cemetery is known for the spirits that wander in the place. When she was two years old, she went to the place on the day of dead and on that day, there will be puppet shows and other acts. The vampire ghost story was told in the place, and this is about the Guadalajara vampire that was wandering in the 19th century in the place. In the story, the vampire will be killing the newborn child and livestock by draining their blood. Finally, it was caught and killed by the men who were guarding during the dark hours.

When the creature was buried its heart was pierced with a crude wood that broke out from the grave to grow as a big tree. The story ended with a note that the El Vampiro will raise from the grave and even when a branch of the tree is cut a supernatural blood will ooze out from the place. This fascinated Maria and out of curiosity she went to the El Vampiro grave at night without the knowledge of her parents when she was 11 years old to inspect. Suddenly she felt someone grabbing her leg and out of fear she screamed and left the place running and after reaching the house she felt that there was a cut in her head and was severely bleeding. From the day on she was followed by El Vampiro for her blood every night until a proper prayer was done, and the El Vampiro was banished.

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